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The treatment plan for recovery is straightforward and simple. Life however is not always easy. There are so many challenges, particularly in early recovery. It's important to have a plan of action and a guide to help you navigate. Recovery GPS is that guide.

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We provide a bridge of guidance and support to the alcoholic/addict, while helping to facilitate the action steps which are necessary in order to maintain a happy, healthy, sober lifestyle.

Our Services

What is a Sober Coach?

A Sober Coach provides one-on-one assistance to newly recovering alcoholics and addicts. The main goal is to help the client maintain total abstinence from alcohol and drugs and to establish healthy routines in sobriety. Your Sober Coach may be hired to be on call, to provide round-the-clock care, or to accompany the recovering alcoholic/addict during particular activities.

What is A Sober Companion?

A Sober Transportation/Escort travels as a companion while providing support and reassurance for the alcoholic or addict. Recovery GPS accompanies individuals to and from treatment, on business trips, weddings, social gatherings, or on vacations. Recovery GPS has the experience and training to empower others with the proper tools needed to handle these types of events.